vce 350-018 (141 to 150)

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2021 Aug 350-018 actual test:

Q141. Which three statements about GDOI are true? (Choose three.) 

A. GDOI uses TCP port 848. 

B. The GROUPKEY_PULL exchange is protected by an IKE phase 1 exchange. 

C. The KEK protects the GROUPKEY_PUSH message. 

D. The TEK is used to encrypt and decrypt data traffic. 

E. GDOI does not support PFS. 

Answer: BCD 

Q142. Which two current RFCs discuss special use IP addresses that may be used as a checklist of invalid routing prefixes for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.) 

A. RFC 5156 

B. RFC 5735 

C. RFC 3330 

D. RFC 1918 

E. RFC 2827 

Answer: AB 

Q143. Which statement is true about IKEv2 preshared key authentication between two peers? 

A. IKEv2 allows usage of different preshared keys for local and remote authentication. 

B. IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key. 

C. IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key and only in hub-and-spoke topology. 

D. IKEv2 does not allow usage of preshared key authentication. 

Answer: A 

Q144. Which standard prescribes a risk assessment to identify whether each control is required to decrease risks and if so, to which extent it should be applied? 

A. ISO 27001 

B. ISO 27002 

C. ISO 17799 


E. ISO 9000 

Answer: A 

Q145. IPsec SAs can be applied as a security mechanism for which three options? (Choose three.) 

A. Send 

B. Mobile IPv6 

C. site-to-site virtual interfaces 

D. OSPFv3 



Answer: BCD 

350-018 latest exam

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Q146. What are two benefits of using IKEv2 instead of IKEv1 when deploying remote-access IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.) 

A. IKEv2 supports EAP authentication methods as part of the protocol. 

B. IKEv2 inherently supports NAT traversal. 

C. IKEv2 messages use random message IDs. 

D. The IKEv2 SA plus the IPsec SA can be established in six messages instead of nine messages. 

E. All IKEv2 messages are encryption-protected. 

Answer: AB 

Q147. Which ICMP message could be used with traceroute to map network topology? 

A. Echo Reply 

B. Redirect 

C. Time Exceeded 

D. Echo 

E. Router Selection 

F. Address Mask Request 

Answer: C 

Q148. A network administrator uses a LAN analyzer to troubleshoot OSPF router exchange messages sent to all OSPF routers. To which one of these MAC addresses are these messages sent? 

A. 00-00-1C-EF-00-00 

B. 01-00-5E-00-00-05 

C. 01-00-5E-EF-00-00 

D. EF-FF-FF-00-00-05 

E. EF-00-00-FF-FF-FF 


Answer: B 

Q149. Which two EIGRP packet types are considered to be unreliable packets? (Choose two.) 

A. update 

B. query 

C. reply 

D. hello 

E. acknowledgement 

Answer: DE 

Q150. Which of the following provides the features of route summarization, assignment of contiguous blocks of addresses, and combining routes for multiple classful networks into a single route? 

A. classless interdomain routing 

B. route summarization 

C. supernetting 

D. private IP addressing 

Answer: A