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Online 1Y0-203 free questions and answers of New Version:

Creating Application Groups requires the delegated Administration permission of the ______ built-in role. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Machine Catalog Administrator
  • B. Host Administrator
  • C. Delivery Group Administrator
  • D. Help Desk Administrator

Answer: C

Which piece of License Server information does a Citrix Administrator need in order to allocate and download the XenDesktop license file from

  • A. IP Address
  • B. MAC Address
  • C. Hostname
  • D. FQDN

Answer: B

Configuration Logging tracks changes to XenDesktop from _______ and ______. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. Group Policy Management console
  • C. Citrix License Administration console
  • D. PowerShell cmdlets

Answer: AD

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator implemented XenApp/XenDesktop to centrally host applications for internal and external users.
Recently, the SQL servers hosting the Site database experienced a major problem. As a result, the database is corrupted and the administrator needs to restore the Site database from backup.
Which precautionary action must the administrator consider before restoring the Site database?

  • A. Nullify the connection strings from the registry using PowerShell so that the controllers do NOT connect to the database
  • B. Remove any hotfixes applied after the backup before performing the restore
  • C. Verify that all Delivery Controllers are shut down
  • D. Verify that the restore option in SQL Studio is set to “WITH RESTRICTED_USER”

Answer: B

When users log on to Citrix Receiver they are NOT able to see their line-of-business application by default and are frequently calling helpdesk to locate the application.
Which phrase can a Citrix Administrator add to the application properties, so that it is added to Favorites and users CANNOT remove the application from Favorites?

  • A. “KEYWORDS: Mandatory”
  • B. “KEYWORDS: Prefer”
  • C. “KEYWORDS: Featured”
  • D. “KEYWORDS: Auto”

Answer: A

Explanation: To make an individual app mandatory, so that it cannot be removed from Citrix Receiver for Windows, append the string KEYWORDS:Mandatory to the application description. There is no Remove option for users to unsubscribe to mandatory apps.

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to configure a Human Resources (HR) User Group, which has the following requirements:
Users require access to standard Microsoft Office applications. Users do NOT require personalization.
Users do NOT engage in resource-intensive application work. Which FlexCast Model can the administrator use?

  • A. Published Applications
  • B. Remote PC
  • C. VM-Hosted Applications
  • D. Hosted VDI (Random/Non-persistent)

Answer: D

ACitrix Administrator needs to install and configure a Citrix License Server by using defaults. The administrator now needs to open the vendor daemon port on the firewall, which allows for communication between the Citrix License Server and the ________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Client Devices
  • B. License management Console
  • C. Terminal Services Licensing Server
  • D. XenApp Servers

Answer: B

ACitrix Administrator has created a new Delivery Controller and needs to join it to an existing Site to increase site redundancy.
Which database permissions will the administrator need?

  • A. db_securityadmin and dbm_monitor permissions
  • B. db_owner and db_datawriter permissions
  • C. db_accessadmin and dbcreator permissions
  • D. db_securityadmin and db_owner

Answer: B

Scenario: A user is currently accessing three published applications from the same Server VDA. The user has informed the Citrix Administrator that an application is NOT responding.
Using Citrix Director, which option should the administrator choose to resolve the user’s issue?

  • A. Terminate the user’s session.
  • B. Send the user a message informing them to log off.
  • C. Reset the user’s profile.
  • D. Terminate the hung proces

Answer: D

Which two FlexCast models are suitable for applications that are NOT multi-user compatible? (Choose two.)

  • A. VM Hosted applications
  • B. Hosted shared desktops
  • C. Hosted VDI
  • D. Published applications

Answer: AC

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to deploy 2000 virtual desktops. The hardware in the environment has a very fast SSD local storage, and the SAN is running almost at capacity. There is NO need for user-installed applications or persistency in the environment.
Which provisioning method would allow the administrator to save SAN storage?

  • A. Provisioning Services
  • B. Manual Provisioning
  • C. Existing machines
  • D. Machine Creation Services

Answer: D

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains for 100 seconds but is interrupted, and applications become unusable. The session then automatically resumes, and the administrator is able to continue working on the application at the same progress point as before the interruption. Which policy must have been enabled?

  • A. Load Management
  • B. ICA Keep Alive
  • C. Auto Client Reconnect
  • D. Session Reliability

Answer: D

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator recently implemented a XenApp and XenDesktop site for a company. The environment contains a single delivery controller and a SQL server.
The database suddenly becomes inaccessible, and the administrator discovers that the issue was caused by a SQL server crash. As a result, the connection between the site database and the delivery controller has failed.
What can the administrator rely on to continue brokering new connections even though the site database is offline?

  • A. XML Service
  • B. Connection Leasing
  • C. Local Host Cache
  • D. Broker Service

Answer: C

Citrix policies that are created using Citrix Studio are stored in ______ and Citrix policies that are created using Group Policy Management Console are stored in ______. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Site Database; Site Database.
  • B. Configuration Logging Database; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Share.
  • C. Site Database; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Share.
  • D. Delivery Controller local registry; Active Directory (AD) Sysvol Shar

Answer: C

What is the order of precedence, from highest to lowest, for the different policy types that can be used to configure Citrix policies?

  • A. Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO, Local Computer
  • B. Local Computer, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Site GPO, Domain GPO, Organizational Unit GPO
  • C. Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), local Computer
  • D. Local Computer, Site local (created in Citrix Studio), Organizational Unit GPO, Domain GPO, Site GPO

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to create a new Machine Catalog using Machine Creation Services. However, the Machine Creation Services option is grayed out.
Which action can the administrator take in order to use Machine Creation Services?

  • A. Add the correct Citrix licenses to the License Server
  • B. Add a new resource connection in Citrix Studio
  • C. Restart the Delivery Controller
  • D. Restart the Citrix Desktop Service

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator uses Citrix Universal Print Server to map all printers. The administrator plans to implement TEKLYNX label printers in the warehouse but first needs to test the driver.
Which tool should the administrator use to test the driver?

  • A. Windows Performance Kit
  • B. Citrix UPS Print Driver Certification Tool
  • C. StressPrinters
  • D. Print Detective

Answer: B

ACitrix Administrator uses Machine Creation Services (MCS) to provision persistent virtual machines. In this situation, each virtual machine is assigned _______ and ________. (Choose two options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. an identity disk
  • B. a base disk
  • C. a differencing disk
  • D. a Personal vDisk

Answer: AB

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