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Online 220-1002 free questions and answers of New Version:

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the same LAN do not exhibit this symptom. Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?

  • A. Date and time
  • B. UEFI boot mode
  • C. Logon times
  • D. User access control

Answer: A

A technician responds to a call from a user who claims to have a virus on a workstation. The technician observes the following notification from the system tray:
There are 1033 infected files on this computer. Click here to disinfect.
The link is blocked by the corporate content filter and displays a message stating the site contains known malware. Which of the following should the technician complete to secure the computer with MINIMAL impact to the user?

  • A. Compare the startup items and services to a known clean image, and remove any startup items not found in the other imag
  • B. Run an anti-malware scan.
  • C. Validate that the alerts are false positives, and disable security software on the workstation to prevent further false notifications.
  • D. Back up the user’s file
  • E. Restore the system to the original system image designated by corporate IT policie
  • F. Restore the user’s files.
  • G. Request a content filter exception to allow access to the link from the notificatio
  • H. Once available, follow the instructions on the linked site.

Answer: A

A technician needs to connect to a network switch in a remote location. The technician wants to make sure the data passed over the wire is encrypted so it cannot be read by someone using a sniffer. Which of the following connection protocols should the technician use?

  • A. Telnet
  • B. SSH
  • C. SMB
  • D. HTTP
  • E. SFTP

Answer: B

A user’s computer is displaying a black screen. The technician restarts the computer, but the OS still does not load. The technician discovers the OS was patched the previous evening.
Which of the following should the technician attempt NEXT?

  • A. Reboot into safe mode and roll back the updates
  • B. Repair the Windows Registry
  • C. Configure boot options in the BIOS
  • D. Disable Windows services and applications

Answer: A

Which of the following would a technician use to store memory chips from a laptop safely after an upgrade?

  • A. Mylar bags
  • B. Cardboard boxes
  • C. Antistatic containers
  • D. Paper envelopes

Answer: C

A user's personal settings are not saving, and a technician suspects the user's local Windows profile is corrupt. The technician wants to check the size of the ntuser.dat file, but It does not appear in the user's profile directory. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use to correct this?

  • A. Folder Options
  • B. Sync Center
  • C. Display Settings
  • D. User Accounts

Answer: A

A small business has an open WiFi network for employees but does not want customers to connect to the access point. A technician has been dispatched to address the business’s concerns. Which of the following configuration settings should the technician change to satisfy the requirements of the business? (Select two.)

  • A. Default SSID
  • B. MAC filtering
  • C. NAT
  • D. QoS
  • E. Signal strength
  • F. Encryption

Answer: BE

A department in an organization set up a proxy server to manage its Internet stage. A technician is configuring the Windows workstations to use the new proxy server. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use to configure the setting?

  • A. Internet Options – Advanced
  • B. Internet Options – Connections
  • C. Internet Options – Security
  • D. Internet Options – Content
  • E. Internet Options – Privacy

Answer: B

In which of the following file extension types would a user expect to see the command. “net use T:\

  • A. .bat
  • B. .vbs
  • C. .js
  • D. .py

Answer: A

A technician is attempting to repair a Windows computer that is infected with malware. The machine is quarantined but still cannot boot into a standard desktop. Which of the following is the most likely NEXT step?

  • A. Disable System Restore.
  • B. Create a restore point.
  • C. Apply system updates.
  • D. Restart into safe mode.

Answer: D

Joe, a technician, has his daily plans forwarded to him by his supervisor. Upon arrival to the external to the second support call of the day, Joe realizes the issue will require much more time than initially scheduled, and several support calls will not be completed. Which of the following would be the appropriate action for Joe?

  • A. Contact his supervisor so the supervisor can make schedule changes.
  • B. Move the appoints to the next business day.
  • C. Reach out to a colleague to assist in completing the jobs.
  • D. Continue to work on the current call, and get to the others as soon as possible.

Answer: A

A user’s computer is suspected of hosting illegal files. The IT department has removed the computer and placed it in a secured, cypher-locked room, where it will remain until the local authorities arrive. Which of the following actions should the IT department perform NEXT?

  • A. Preserve data integrity
  • B. Identify violations of acceptable use
  • C. Collect evidence of illegal activity
  • D. Report through proper channels

Answer: A

During the firmware upgrade of a web server, a power outage occurred. The outage caused a failure within the upgrade. Which of the following plans must be implemented to revert back to the most recent version of the firmware?

  • A. Backout plan
  • B. Contingency plan
  • C. Alternative plan
  • D. Backup plan

Answer: D

A user Is unable to access a network share out can access email. A technician has confirmed the user has the appropriate permissions to access the share. Which of the following commands should the technician use FIRST?

  • A. ping
  • B. nslooking
  • C. net use
  • D. ipconfig

Answer: B

Ann, an end user, is utilizing a styles on her table. The recognition point is off when she uses the stylus, but it registers In the correct spool when she her finger. Which of the following would be the BEST resolution to issue?

  • A. Restart the table
  • B. Disable and then renewable Bluetooth
  • C. Calibrate the touchscreen sensor
  • D. Disconnect and then reconnect the stylus

Answer: C

A customer's computer is powered on and working, but the customer is unable to get to any wired network resources, shared drives, printers, or the Internet. Which of the following command-line tools should be used to troubleshoot this scenario?

  • A. Ping
  • B. Iwconfig
  • C. Nbtstat
  • D. Nslookup

Answer: A

A technician is installing the latest OS on a user’s system. The user wants all of the settings and file to remain intact during the installation.
Which of the following upgrade methods should the technician use?

  • A. network installation
  • B. clean install
  • C. in-place upgrade
  • D. image deployment

Answer: C

A technician received 300 old desktops following a recent computer upgrade. After taking inventory of the old machines, the technician must destroy the data on the HDDs. Which of the following would be the MOST effective method to accomplish this task?

  • A. Drill
  • B. Hammer
  • C. Low-level format
  • D. Degaussing

Answer: D

A user’s mobile device is losing its battery change very quickly. The user report charge at 9:00 a.m. but has 22% battery by 1:00 p.m. The user has installed several applications, and the phone is relatively new, high-end phon. The user claims most of the usage involves checking emails for a few minutes three or four times per hours. Windows of the following should a technician perform FIRST to diagnose the issue properly?

  • A. Check the application and their resources usage.
  • B. Order a replacement battery and see if the phone maintain its charge.
  • C. Configure the email software to work on a fetch schedule instead of the push setting
  • D. Wipe the phone screen brightness to 30%.
  • E. Uninstall all the applications on the phone and see if the battery issues remain.

Answer: A

An employee contacts the help desk because the battery in a company-provided smartphone lasts only a short period of time when the worker is in the office. Which of the following would MOST likely reduce this
symptom? (Select TWO).

  • A. Close applications when tasks are completed.
  • B. Increase the time to dim the screen automatically.
  • C. Increase the frequency for syncing corporate email.
  • D. Set the smartphone display to maximum brightness.
  • E. Connect to the office WiFi network automatically.
  • F. Disable 802.11ac and use mobile data exclusively.

Answer: AE

A network administrator has noticed unusual activity with a user's login credentials on the network. The user is attempting multiple simultaneous logins across the network, some of which are attempting to access workstations and servers to which the user does not have access Which of the following should the network administrator do NEXT?

  • A. Delete the user's AD account
  • B. Decrease the user's AD privileges
  • C. Disable the user's AD account
  • D. Reset the password on the user's AD account

Answer: A

A technician needs to edit a protected .dll file but cannot find the file in the System32 directory. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use?

  • A. System
  • B. Display
  • C. Folder Options
  • D. Indexing Options

Answer: C

A SOHO user reports desktop applications are performing slowly, and no emails have been received all morning. A technician remotes in and determines Internet pages’ load slowly or not at all, CPU performance is normal, and the local router can successfully ping.
The remote connection drops periodically. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT to resolve the problem?

  • A. Reboot into safe mode, uninstall the latest OS update, and run a repair on the OS
  • B. Update the antivirus software, run an antivirus scan, verify the browser settings, and check all email settings
  • C. Reboot to BIOS setup, verify the TPM is enabled, and start a System Restore from safe mode
  • D. Send a test email, open a command prompt to check the file system, and empty the browser cache

Answer: B

A user calls a technician to report issues when logging in to a vendor’s website. The technician is able to log in successfully before going to the office. However, the technician is unable to log in when in the user’s office. The user also informs the technician of strange pop-up notifications. Which of the following are the MOST likely causes of these issues? (Choose two.)

  • A. System files have been deleted
  • B. Proxy settings are configured improperly
  • C. The OS has been updated recently
  • D. There are disabled services on the vendor website
  • E. Program file permissions have changed recently
  • F. There is a rogue anti-malware program

Answer: BF

Which of the following security methods BEST describes when a user enters a username and password once for multiple applications?

  • A. SSO
  • B. Permission propagation
  • C. Inheritance
  • D. MFA

Answer: A

Joe, a customer, calls a technician to report a remote computer is demonstrating erratic behavior while he is working on it. The technician verifies the files and directories. Joe is working on locally cannot be opened in any application, and the computer is running extremely slow. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  • A. Files disappearing
  • B. File permission changes
  • C. Application crash
  • D. Too many startup items

Answer: D

A user reports that a cell phone application is loading slowly and not functioning properly Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this issue?

  • A. Remove and reinstall the application.
  • B. Hard reset the cell phone.
  • C. Reconnect the wireless network connection
  • D. Close all running applications

Answer: D


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