The Secret of 2V0-631 practice exam

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Q11. An administrator needs to define a Static IP Address Range in vRealize Automation. 

Which object is a prerequisite to complete the task? 

A. Edge Gateway 

B. Cloud Endpoint 

C. Network Profile 

D. Blueprint 


Q12. An organization wants to create an action to vMotion a Virtual Machine. 

Which two steps would be required in Advanced Service Designer to implement this activity? (Choose two.) 

A. Add the appropriate vRO workflow 

B. Edit the Resource Action and ensure the Pool element is always required 

C. Add the appropriate Submitted Action Details Form 

D. Publish the Action using Resource Actions > Start Instances 

Answer: A,C 

Q13. A vRealize Automation administrator installs and configures a new vSphere Endpoint. Where should the administrator add the compute resource in order to use the new vSphere Endpoint? 

A. To a Reservation 

B. To a Fabric Group 

C. To a Blueprint 

D. To a Business Group 


Q14. Your company is moving cloud providers from Amazon EC2 to VMware vCloud Air. The IaaS Administrator is cleaning up the remaining components. 

What is a valid component that the IaaS administrator can remove? 

A. Amazon AWS Data Collector 

B. Amazon AWS Data Templates 

C. Amazon AWS Endpoint 

D. Amazon AWS Instantiator 


Q15. An organization needs to track costs across multiple groups. Creating/Editing a Consumer Hierarchy is a function of which module in vRealize Business Standard? 

A. Operational Analysis 

B. Consumption Analysis 

C. Cloud Comparison 

D. Cost Drivers 


Q16. An administrator needs to give another engineer access to create and manage fabric groups and create and manage endpoints, but needs to make sure they do not have access to system event logs. 

What role is required? 

A. IaaS Administrator 

B. Fabric Administrator 

C. System Administrator 

D. Account Administrator 


Q17. Which step should an administrator take to avoid conflict on a subnet between vRealize Automation Network Profiles and existing workloads? 

A. Enable DHCP on the Network Profile. 

B. Upload a CSV file with the existing IP addresses and host names to the Network Profile. 

C. Manually mark IP addresses as used. 

D. Enable the Shared Network flag in the Network Profile. 


Q18. A business group manager requests an email be sent out when resources in their reservations run low. 

Which option best addresses the request? 

A. Edit the business group's reservations and select Send alerts to group manager checkbox. 

B. Edit the business group's reservations and select Email group manager on the alert checkbox. 

C. Edit the business group's configuration and select Send globalemail alerts from vRealize Automation checkbox. 

D. Edit the business group's configuration and select Email all alerts to group manager checkbox. 


Q19. An administrator is creating vRealize Automation reservations as initial placeholders for Business Groups. The administrator has specified Compute Resource, Name, Network Paths, Storage, and Provisioning Group settings to create the reservations. 

Which additional setting must be specified to complete the task? 

A. Priority 

B. Memory 

C. Resource Pool 

D. Reservation Policy 


Q20. Which two types of identity stores can be configured for a tenant? (Choose two.) 

A. Active Directory 

B. OpenLDAP 

C. vSphere Single Sign-On (SSO) 

D. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services 

Answer: A,B