300 070 ciptv1 : Dec 2018 Edition

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New Cisco 300-070 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Which two elements of a dial plan define the domains that are accessible and are assigned to an endpoint? (Choose two)

A. Partitions.

B. Calling Search Spaces.

C. Route patterns.

D. Translation patterns.

E. Call Admission Control.

Answer: A,B

New Questions 3

Where is a Local Route Group configuration applied?

A. In each IP phone

B. In each device pool

C. In each location

D. In each region

E. In each route list

Answer: B

New Questions 4

Which two options can a route pattern be assigned? (Choose two.)

A. a gateway that is not assigned to a route group

B. a gateway that is assigned to a route group

C. a route list with no route groups configured

D. a route list with one or more route groups configured

Answer: A,D

Explanation: Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/7_1_2/ccmsys/accm-712cm/a03rp.html (Route Plan Overview)

New Questions 5

To verify that proper digit manipulation is being applied when using called party transformation patterns, which Cisco IOS command do you use from the router or voice gateway?

A. show voice ccapi inout

B. debug voice ccapi in

C. show voice ccapi

D. show voice ccapi in

E. debug voice ccapi inout

F. debug voice ccapi out

G. show voice ccapi out

Answer: E

Explanation: Reference: http://www.netcraftsmen.com/called-party-transformation-patterns-example- andvalidation/

New Questions 6

Which three of these are characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager software- based Media Termination Point? (Choose three.)

A. The codec and packetization of both call legs must be identical.

B. This Media Termination Point type does not require any DSP resources on the Cisco router.

C. DSP resources are required.

D. It can provide G.711 mu-law to G.711 a-law conversion and vice versa.

E. It can provide packetization conversion for a given codec (for example, if one call leg is using a 20-mssampe size, but the other call legis using a 30-ms sample size).

F. This Media Termination Point type is typically used for RSVP agent configurations or Cisco Unified borderelementmedia flow-through configuration.

Answer: B,D,E

New Questions 7

When CUCM is configured with a route pattern, translation transformation, which is matched first when a user dials 914085551212?

A. route pattern

B. translation pattern

C. called-party transformation

D. calling-party transformation

Answer: B

Explanation: Link:

http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_5_1/ccmcfg/b03txpat.htm l

Route pattern is used to route calls to external entities. The calling and called party numbers resulting from the digit transformations configured in the route pattern and/or route lists are then processed by any Transformation Patterns configured for the devices contained in the chosen Route Group.

New Questions 8

Which of these media resources can be configured in Cisco Unified Communication manager?

(Choose Three)

A. MOH Server

B. Voice Termination Point DSP

C. Transcoder

D. Auto Attendant

E. Conference Bridge

Answer: A,C,E

New Questions 9

Which discard digits instruction removes all digits prior to the North American Numbering Plan portion of the route pattern?

A. PreDot

B. PreAt

C. Pre


Answer: B

New Questions 10

If you have configured translation rules, what command do you use to verify digit manipulation?

A. execute translation-rule

B. show translation-rule

C. test translation-rule

D. debug translation-rule

E. set translation-rule

Answer: C


If you have configured translation rules, use the test translation-rule command to verify digitmanipulation. Page 136.

New Questions 11

What is the relationship between a Region and a Location?

A. The Region codec parameter is used between a Region and its configured Locations.

B. The Region setting for a Location sets the number of audio and video calls that Location can support.

C. The codec parameter configured in the Region is only used between Regions and Location bandwidth isonly used between Locations.

D. The Region codec parameter is combined with Location bandwidth when communicating with otherRegions.

Answer: C

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