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New EC-Council 312-50v10 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q1. It has been reported to you that someone has caused an information spillage on their computer. You go to the computer, disconnect it from the network, remove the keyboard and mouse, and power it down. What step in incident handling did you just complete?

A. Discovery

B. Recovery

C. Containment

D. Eradication

Answer: C

Q2. Which of the following is a low-tech way of gaining unauthorized access to systems?

A. Scanning

B. Sniffing

C. Social Engineering

D. Enumeration

Answer: C

Q3. Which regulation defines security and privacy controls for Federal information systems and organizations?


B. EU Safe Harbor


D. NIST-800-53

Answer: D

Q4. Which of the following Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA) produces a 160-bit digest from a message with a maximum length of (264-1) bits and resembles the MD5 algorithm?

A. SHA-2

B. SHA-3

C. SHA-1

D. SHA-0

Answer: C

Q5. During a recent security assessment, you discover the organization has one Domain Name Server (DNS) in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and a second DNS server on the internal network.

What is this type of DNS configuration commonly called?


B. DNS Scheme


D. Split DNS

Answer: D

Q6. Which of the following program infects the system boot sector and the executable files at the same time?

A. Stealth virus

B. Polymorphic virus

C. Macro virus

D. Multipartite Virus

Answer: D

Q7. To determine if a software program properly handles a wide range of invalid input, a form of automated testing can be used to randomly generate invalid input in an attempt to crash the program.

What term is commonly used when referring to this type of testing?

A. Randomizing

B. Bounding

C. Mutating

D. Fuzzing

Answer: D

Q8. Insecure direct object reference is a type of vulnerability where the application does not verify if the user is authorized to access the internal object via its name or key.

Suppose a malicious user Rob tries to get access to the account of a benign user Ned.

Which of the following requests best illustrates an attempt to exploit an insecure direct object reference vulnerability?

A. u201cGET/restricted/goldtransfer?to=Rob&from=1 or 1=1u2019 HTTP/1.1Host: westbank.comu201d

B. u201cGET/restricted/accounts/?name=Ned HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.comu201d

C. u201cGET/restricted/bank.getaccount(u2018Nedu2019) HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.comu201d

D. u201cGET/restricted/\\r\\n\\%00account%00Ned%00access HTTP/1.1 Host: westbank.comu201d

Answer: B

Q9. An attacker has installed a RAT on a host. The attacker wants to ensure that when a user attempts to go to "", that the user is directed to a phishing site.

Which file does the attacker need to modify?

A. Boot.ini

B. Sudoers

C. Networks

D. Hosts

Answer: D

Q10. You are the Network Admin, and you get a compliant that some of the websites are no longer accessible. You try to ping the servers and find them to be reachable. Then you type the IP address and then you try on the browser, and find it to be accessible. But they are not accessible when you try using the URL.

What may be the problem?

A. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 53

B. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80

C. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 54

D. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80

Answer: A

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