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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

Q10. What is the cause of ignores and overruns on an interface, when the overall traffic rate of the interface is low?

A. a hardware failure of the interface

B. a software bug

C. a bad cable

D. microbursts of traffic

Answer: D

Q11. Which two options are examples of Northbound and/or Southbound protocols?(Choose vo)

A. OpenStack

B. 1S1S




Answer: A,C

Q12. What are the three variants of NTPv4? (choose three.)

A. client/server

B. broadcast

C. symmetric

D. multicast

E. asymmetric

F. unicast

Answer: A,B,C


Refer to the exhibit When traffic marked as CoS 5 arrives on the switch.what DSCP value does the switch apply?

A. 0

B. 32

C. 40

D. 46

E. 48

Answer: B

Q14. Refer to exhibit.

Which two possible network conditions can you infer from this configuration? (Choose two)

A. R2 is configured as the NTP master with a stratum of 7

B. R1 is using the default NTP source configuration

C. The authentication parameters on R1 and R2 mismatched.

D. RI and R2 have established an NTP session

Answer: B,C

Q15. Which action enables passive interfaces in RIPv6 (RIPng)?

A. Enable passive-interface for each interface under the routing process

B. Use "passive-interface default" under the routing process

C. Passive interface are not supported in RIPng

D. Enable passive-interface on interface configuration

Answer: C

Q16. What are two requirements for BFD static route support? (Choose two)

A. CEF must be configured on all routers that will carry traffic.

B. BFD must be configured on all Ethernet, virtual-template, and dialer interfaces that will carry traffic.

C. All routers that will carry traffic must have the same software version.

D. All routers that will carry traffic must be the same model.

E. Parameters must be configured on all routers that will carry traffic.

F. Parameters must be configured on all interfaces that will carry traffic.

Answer: A,F

Q17. What command can you enter to enable client autoconfiguration over an ISATAP tunnel?

A. tunnel mode ipv6ip isatap

B. no ipv6 nd ra suppress

C. ipv6 nd ra suppress

D. tunnel mode ipv6ip 6rd

Answer: B

Q18. Which two statements about VSS are true? (Choose two.)

A. It requires physical switches to be collocated.

B. It is dependent on spanning-tree.

C. It requires three IP addresses per ULAN.

D. Each VSS has a single management IP address

E. It can eliminate the need for HSRP.

Answer: D,E

Q19. Which options is the default LACP load-balancing algorithm for IP traffic on Layer 3?

A. the source and destinnation IP port

B. the destination IP port

C. the source and destination IP address

D. the destination port

E. the source IP port

Answer: C

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