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Q31. You administer Microsoft Exchange Online for Fabrikam, Inc. Fabrikam's Exchange Online tenant domain name is fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com. 

You verify the domain fabrikam.com in the Office 365 admin center and instruct other administrators to configure new Exchange Online users with fabrikam.com as the primary SMTP domain. The fabrikam.com domain is not federated. 

A user reports that his reply-to address is displayed to external email message recipients as User1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com. 

You need to configure the user's mailbox to meet the following requirements: 

. The user's reply-to address must be User1@fabrikam.com. 

. The email address User1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com must function as a secondary email address for the user. 

Which Windows PowerShell command should you run? 

A. Set MsolUser -UserPrincipalNameUser1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com -AlternateEmailAddresses user1@fabrikam.com 

B. Set-Mailbox -Identity user1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com -ForwardingAddress "User 1" 

C. Set-Mailbox -Identity user1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com -WindowsEmailAddressUser1@fabrikam.com 

D. Set-Mailbox -Identity user1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com -EmailAddresses user1@fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com, user1@fabrikam.com 


Q32. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. 

You need to configure Microsoft Lync Online to disable alerts for voicemail and instant messages to Windows Phones. 

What should you do? 

A. Use the Set-CsHostedVoiceMailPolicy Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 

B. Use the Set-CsPushNotificationConfiguration Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 

C. In the Lync admin center, select the Display presence information only to a user's contacts option. 

D. Use the Set-CsUser Windows PowerShell cmdlet. 





You are an Office 365 specialist for a consulting company. 

Your company has been hired by several companies to migrate their legacy email solutions to Office 365. 

You need to recommend mailbox migration strategies for the scenarios described in the following table. 

Which strategies should you recommend? To answer, drag the appropriate migration types to the correct targets. Each migration type may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. 


Q34. Your company subscribes to the Office 365 Enterprise El plan. You are the Microsoft Exchange Online administrator. 

In the last week, employees have reported that they are receiving non-delivery report messages from other companies. The employees have not sent messages to recipients within those companies. 

You need to prevent non-delivery report messages from reaching employees. 

Which content filter option should you turn on in the Exchange admin center? 

A. NDR backscatter 

B. Conditional Sender ID filtering: hard fail 

C. SPF record: hard fail 

D. Block all bulk email messages 





Q35. A company uses Office 365 ProPlus. The company has a main office and a remote office. The remote office experiences occasional bandwidth issues. 

You must deploy Visio Pro for Office 365 to selected users in a satellite office that experiences bandwidth issues. 

You need to deploy Visio Pro for Office 365 to a specific set of users. 

What should you do? 

A. Download the installer to a local network share and use the Office Deployment Tool to deploy the application to client. 

B. Use the Office 365 portal to allow users to deploy Visio Pro. 

C. Use the Office 365 portal to allow users to deploy Office 365 ProPlus. 

D. Download the installer to each local machine and use the Office Deployment Tool to deploy the application to the client. 



To deploy Office 365 ProPlus from an on-premises location, such as a local network share, you'll have to use the Office Deployment Tool to download the Office 365 ProPlus software from Office 365. 

Reference: Determine the deployment method to use for Office 365 ProPlus 


Q36. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. The company has a single Active Directory Domain Services domain. As part of the Office 365 deployment, the company is preparing to deploy Office Telemetry. 

You need to disguise file names and document titles, while still collecting the telemetry data. 

What should you do? 

A. In the Telemetry Dashboard, display only files that are used by multiple users. 

B. On each client computer, edit the registry to prevent telemetry logging. 

C. In the Telemetry Dashboard, obfuscate the document name, title, and path. 

D. In the Telemetry Dashboard, apply a label named Private to employees. 


Q37. Your company is planning to migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online. The company employs 1,000 people, each with a mailbox currently located on Exchange 2010 on-premises. You estimate that it will take a minimum of four weeks to migrate all mailboxes from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online. 

The company has the following migration requirements: 

. During the migration, do not change the existing Microsoft Outlook profiles and .ost files used by the employees. 

. Ensure that email messages sent between on-premises mailboxes and online mailboxes during the migration are secure. 

. Do not send email messages between on-premises mailboxes and online mailboxes over the Internet in plain text. 

You need to select the migration strategy that meets the requirements. 

Which migration strategy should you use? 

A. Cutover migration only 

B. IMAP migration only 

C. Remote move migration only 

D. Staged migration only 



References: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-GB/library/jj863291(v=exchg.150).aspx http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2798131/en-gb http://technet.microsoft.com/en-GB/library/dn720476(v=exchg.150).aspx 


You are deploying Office 365 for your organization. 

You are preparing to delegate permissions by using the built-in Microsoft Exchange Online role groups. You must assign teams to the roles that give them the least permissions while still allowing them to perform the following tasks: 

Team 1: place mailboxes on Litigation Hold 

Team 2: create retention tags and policies 

Team 3: create and manage resource mailboxes 

Team 4: update users' display names 

Team 5: create and manage security groups 

You need to delegate permissions to the teams. 

To which role group should you assign each team? To answer, drag the appropriate role group to the correct team. Each role group may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. 


Q39. A company uses Skype for Business Online. You use contoso.com as the verified domain name for the Office 365 tenant. Users conduct Skype online meetings. You add fabricam.com to the tenant and configure the tenant to use this domain name. 

You need to ensure that all Skype online meeting URLs contain the new domain name. 

Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run? 

A. Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl 

B. Set-CsMeetingConfiguration 

C. Set-CsUser 

D. Set-CsMeetingRoom 

E. New-CsSimpleURL 



The New-CsSimpleURL command Creates a new simple URL, which can then be added to a simple URL configuration collection. Simple URLs make it easier for users to join meetings and conferences, and also make it easier for administrators to log on to the Skype for Business Server Control Panel. 

Example: The example shows how a new URL can be added to an existing collection of simple URLs. To begin with, the first command in the example uses the New-CsSimpleUrlEntry cmdlet to create a URL entry that points to https://meet.fabrikam.com; this URL entry is stored in a variable named $urlEntry. In the second command, the New-CsSimpleUrl cmdlet is used to create an in-memory-only instance of a simple URL. In this example, the URL Component is set to Meet; the domain is set to fabrikam.com; the ActiveUrl is set to https://meet.fabrikam.com; and the SimpleUrl 

property is set to $urlEntry, with $urlEntry being the URL entry created in the first 


After the URL has been created (and stored in the object reference $simpleUrl) the final command in the example adds the new URL to the simple URL collection for the Redmond site. This is done by using the Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration cmdlet, the SimpleUrl parameter, and the parameter value @{Add=$simpleUrl}. This syntax causes the URL stored in the object reference $simpleUrl to be added to the SimpleUrl property. 

$urlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url "https://meet.fabrikam.com" 

$simpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component "meet" -Domain "fabrikam.com" -

SimpleUrlEntry $urlEntry -ActiveUrl "https://meet.fabrikam.com" 

Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity "site:Redmond" -SimpleUrl @{Add=$simpleUrl} 


Not A: The Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl command updates the meeting URL for the specified Lync Online tenant. The updated URL uses a simpler, more standardized format that makes it easier for clients to locate and connect to meetings. 


The command shown in example updates the meeting URL for the tenant with the tenant ID 38aad667-af54-4397-aaa7-e94c79ec2308. (Note that you must supply the tenant ID in order for this command to complete.) After pressing ENTER to run the command, you will be asked if you are sure you want to update the meeting URL. You must answer yes to this prompt before Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl will actually make any changes to your Lync Online configuration settings. 

Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl -Tenant "38aad667-af54-4397-aaa7-e94c79ec2308" 

Not B: Set-CsMeetingConfiguration enables you to modify the meeting configuration settings currently in use in your organization. Meeting configuration settings help dictate the type of meetings (also called conferences) that users can create, and also control how (or even if) anonymous users and dial-in conferencing users can join these meetings. Note that these settings only affect scheduled meetings; they do not affect ad-hoc meetings created by clicking the Meet Now option in Skype for Business. 

Reference: New-CsSimpleUrl 


Q40. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. 

The company has established the following new requirements: 

. Members of the legal team must be able to conduct eDiscovery searches. 

. Employees must be notified when they send email messages that contain confidential information. 

You need to configure the environment. 

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. Configure journaling to a Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox for all mailboxes. 

B. Add the members of the legal team to the Discovery Management role group. 

C. Create a Data Loss Prevention policy. 

D. Place all executive mailboxes on In-Place Hold for 365 days and use In-Place eDiscovery for mailbox searches. 

E. Enable Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving for the executive mailboxes. 

F. Place all executive mailboxes on Retention Hold. 

Answer: B,C 


Your company has an Office 365 Enterprise E3 subscription. You are the Microsoft SharePoint Online administrator. 

You create a site collection for the marketing department. After the site collection is created, a different employee is chosen as the site collection administrator. 

You need to grant the user the appropriate permissions. 

In the SharePoint admin portal, which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. 



Contoso, Ltd., has an Office 365 tenant. All employees have Exchange Online mailboxes. You create a shared mailbox named SharedMailbox1@contoso.com. 

You need to grant full mailbox access to User1@contoso.com for the SharedMailbox1 mailbox. 

How should you complete the relevant Windows PowerShell commands? To answer, select the appropriate Windows PowerShell commands from each list in the answer area. 



You are the Office 365 administrator for Contoso, Ltd. 

An employee with the user name User1 has requested a secondary email address of Aliasl@contoso.com. 

You need to assign the secondary email address. 

How should you complete the relevant Windows PowerShell script? To answer, select the appropriate option from each list in the answer area. 


Q44. Contoso, Ltd. has an Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan. Contoso uses the domain contoso.com for email and instant messaging (IM). 

Contoso requires that website visitors who go to http://contoso.com be directed to the company's Microsoft SharePoint Online public website. 

You need to configure Office 365 to redirect the website requests without affecting the company's email or IM. 

What should you do? 

A. In the SharePoint admin center, rename the public website to http://contoso.com. 

B. In the Office 365 admin center, change the domain purpose for contoso.com to SharePoint. 

C. On the authoritative DNS servers, add a CNAME record for contoso.com. 

D. In the Office 365 admin center, add a new subdomain. Then set up redirection for http://contoso.com to the subdomain. 



You are a Microsoft SharePoint administrator for Contoso, Ltd. Contoso recently purchased Office 365 E3 licenses for all employees. You administer Office 365 by using the admin@contoso.com account. Contoso plans to migrate all legacy SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online. 

The human resources department manager asks you to set up a SharePoint Online site collection that meets the requirements described in the following table. 

You need to set up the site collection. 

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.