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A customer wants to show a list of pages based on categories. What is preferred way of creating this list?

  • A. Content fragments
  • B. Multi-field links
  • C. Reference components
  • D. Tagging

Answer: D

When should you use a closed user group?

  • A. When you want to allow only a subset of authors to edit tags
  • B. When you want to restrict access to content on an author server
  • C. When you want to restrict access to published content
  • D. When you want to restrict access to a specific team for an AEM Project

Answer: C

A client has a native iOS application that they do not want to change. What is the recommended architecture to configure AEM to allow the application to ingest content?

  • A. Place the content in content fragments and use content services
  • B. Place the content in experience fragments and use content services
  • C. Construct a document in Forms and use content services
  • D. Use the built-in workflow to export JSON and use content services

Answer: B

A client wishes to moderate communication between their customers and their in-house product experts, expecting a very large amount of user-generated data. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Enable reverse replication
  • B. Create a forum and Q&A site using AEM Communities
  • C. Implement a contact us page using AEM Forms
  • D. Conduct an outreach marketing event with Adobe Campaign

Answer: B

The user-based for your newly created AEM Community is growing quickly and will soon get out of hand without any management. Which Administration section will best handle this scenario?

  • A. Moderation console
  • B. Site console
  • C. Members console
  • D. Reports console

Answer: A

A specific user is encountering an error while editing a page that other authors have not reported. How would you troubleshoot the problem using AEM?

  • A. Use AEM Screens for a screenshare session
  • B. Check the Page timeline
  • C. Impersonate as the user reporting the issue
  • D. Check the Dispatcher

Answer: D

SEO best practice states that if a user were to see a URI and none of the content on the page, they should be able to describe what the page is. Which AEM feature allows you to control a URL while maintaining SEO integrity?

  • A. Use the link Externalizer tool to set a global URL rule for your site
  • B. Configure your dispatcher to redirect users to SEO enabled pages only
  • C. Use the Move command to move the page
  • D. Use the vanity URL field of the page property to configure the URL

Answer: D

You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues. What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two.

  • A. Do you intend to use Creative Cloud Integration?
  • B. What is the typical network connectivity for users accessing AEM?
  • C. What hours are considered “off-peak” for your content authors?
  • D. What are the types of assets to be migrated?
  • E. Do you have asset review/approval workflows?

Answer: BC

A client’s side is having authoring consistency issues due to authors publishing pages with components ordered differently on each page. Using AEM Best Practices, what is the best way to configure content components in order to avoid this issue?

  • A. Configure a limitations protocol on components per page to restrict the arrangement of components
  • B. Enable Group Review whereby authors can preview other authors published pages and match designs
  • C. Create a Continuity Outline for authors, allowing for a structured design while maintaining flexibility
  • D. Set allowed components within a template, bracketed by structural components that remain constant

Answer: B

There is a copyright and legal information in the footer of all pages of a website which require regular updates. What approach would you recommend to design the footer so that the content can be updated easily?

  • A. Add a content fragment to the footer component of the page
  • B. Create a footer component and include it on the structure of the page templates
  • C. Create a footer component that can be used on the parent page in an iparsys
  • D. Add a footer component to the layout container of the page

Answer: B

A company has an existing English language site for the Canadian market. It is planning to create a new site for the US market. While most of the control of the current site can be reused for the new site, how would you create the new site in the most efficient manner?

  • A. Create a live copy from the (ca/en) root to (us/en)
  • B. Duplicate the site root(ca/en), then move it to the new regional root
  • C. Copy the site root (ca/en) and paste it in the regional root (us/en)
  • D. Create a site (us/en) and define the redirect to (ca/en)

Answer: A

You want your online store to be updated quarterly so that the featured products align with the current season. What is the best approach to prepare the new web pages for the next quarterly update?

  • A. Develop your content in a staging instance of your AEM Site
  • B. Develop your content from the same page and publish it when the time comes
  • C. Develop your content by creating and editing a launch
  • D. Develop your content in a separate unpublished folder

Answer: C

A manager wishes to keep track of complete and incomplete tasks related to the creation for a new site. Which feature can do this?

  • A. AEM Forms
  • B. AEM Launches
  • C. AEM Workflows
  • D. AEM Projects

Answer: D

Which AEM solution can leverage artificial intelligence to automatically apply metadata?

  • A. AEM Content Services
  • B. AEM Livefyre
  • C. AEM Screens
  • D. AEM Assets

Answer: D

As an asset manager, how could you best ensure that only valid metadata is shown for a particular asset type?

  • A. Use cascading metadata rules to hide or show fields based on types
  • B. Use a single schema with only mandatory metadata fields
  • C. Define a metadata schema for a type and apply it to a specific folder
  • D. Create a schema for assets based on their MIME type

Answer: C

You want users to be able to fill out wizard-like forms on any device. What AEM Forms type is best suited for this scenario?

  • A. HTML Form
  • B. PDF Form
  • C. Adaptive Form
  • D. XFA Form

Answer: D


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