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The Chief marketing Officer has established a monthly revenue target for an online and store and wants to see how revenue for the current month Is tracking towards that goal.
Which Visualization should be used for this report?

  • A. Bullet
  • B. Scatter
  • C. Tree map
  • D. Fallout

Answer: A

A software company released a new product Software44.ID:12345. When analyzing the products report in order to see how the orders performed since the release of Software4, the product Name report looks like this:
* Software1:144 orders
* Software2:139 orders
* Software3: 58 orders
* Unspecified: 21 orders
The marketing manager wants Unspecified to appear with the product name in the report. What should the analyst do?

  • A. Delete the rule set in Classification Rule Builder with all listed product IDs and product names.
  • B. Tell the marketing manager that it cannot be changed the issue comes from the ecommerce/IT team and how they configured the product.
  • C. Updated the Classification Imported file with 12345 value for product Software4.
  • D. Update the Classification file with Software product name for 12345.

Answer: A

Which two items are available for capture using the Adobe Analytics data insertion API? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cached pages hits
  • B. Clicking data
  • C. Custom links
  • D. Web browser configuration data
  • E. Custom visitor ID

Answer: AD

When a segment is created from within a report by dragging a component on the segment area, it is possible to re-use It in another report?

  • A. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this segment public’.
  • B. No, it is not possible.
  • C. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this an Experience Cloud audience.’’
  • D. Yes it is automatically available is the segment list.

Answer: C

A streaming media company’s acquisition team want to understand when to end a free trial subscription of its product to maximize value.
Which Visualization in Analyst Workspace provides this information?

  • A. A Cohort table with Free Trial Start’ as include criteria and ‘paid subscription ‘ as return criteria
  • B. A line visualization showing free trial subscriptions over time
  • C. A Fallout report showing where users dropped out during a three page subscription flow
  • D. A Cohort table with free Start as inclusion criteria and Video Play as return criteria

Answer: C

Segment used as checkpoint in a Fallout Visualization with four checkpoints must always use which container already?

  • A. A container that is a high level then the overall context of the Fallout Visualization.
  • B. A container that is at a visit level for the overall context of the fallout Visualization
  • C. A container that is at a lower level than the overall context of the fallout Visualization
  • D. A container that is at a Visitor level for the overall context of the fallout Visualization

Answer: C

An Adobe Analyst Workspace project panel is set up to show all key Performance indicators(KPIs) The manager wants to be able to toggle between mobile phone, desktop, or all data in the KPI panel.
How can the manager accomplish this task using a single Panel component?

  • A. Create a virtual report suite for mobile phone and desktop data.
  • B. Apply both ‘’Mobile Phone’’ and Desktop’’ values as filters to the panel.
  • C. Create a dropdown filter using the Mobile Device Type dimension.
  • D. Create a dropdown filter using the Mobile device Type dimension.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
If the logic between the two containers within the segment is changed from ‘’OR’’ to ‘’AND’’, what will occur?

  • A. No orders will be displayed.
  • B. All the cart additions that are greater than or equal to seven will be displayed.
  • C. The orders that are below seven will be displayed
  • D. The orders that are above seven will be discovered.

Answer: C

A web analyst is viewing a report in an Analytics’ Workspace freeform table and sees a dark grey triangle.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
What is the specifying in the report?

  • A. Incomplete data
  • B. End of data set
  • C. Data anomaly detected
  • D. Data includes outside data source

Answer: D

Which option should a Shared User select In the Dashboard Manager to see changes/Updates made by the Dashboard Owner?

  • A. On Menu
  • B. Copy Me
  • C. Duplicate Me
  • D. Dashboard Player

Answer: A

Which calculated metric represents the average number of times a user has on the site?

  • A. Page Vires/Unique Visitor
  • B. Visit/unique Visitor
  • C. Page views/Visits
  • D. Unique Visitor/Visits

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
A marketing analyst wants to look into visitors who originated from paid search and made a purchase.
Which two options can be done directly from this Visualization? (Choose two.)

  • A. Drag the separate and repository the two halve of the Venn Visualization
  • B. Drag a third segment onto the Venn Visualization to see how it relates to the other two.
  • C. Click’ ’Show data source to create a Freeform table.
  • D. Right click to create a segment from one side of the Venn Visualization
  • E. Right Click to create a new fro then overlap region of the Venn Visualization

Answer: AD

A media agency is running a Display campaign, but none of the data is credited to the Display marketing channel in Adobe Analytics’.
Here are some example tracking codes provided by the media agency.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
The marketing channel processing Rule for the Display channel is configured as follows:
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
What is causing the loss of data in Adobe Analytics?

  • A. The Marketing channel processing rule is using a different query string parameter.
  • B. The Marketing Channel processing rule is not set up to collect for the summet2019 campaign.
  • C. The variables in the tracking code are not following a consistent taxonomy.
  • D. The display ad placements are not configured correctly.

Answer: B

A stakeholder wants to learn how to create a custom data Range in the Analytics Workspace interface. How should the business practitioner coach their stakeholder through this process?

  • A. Select a new metric within the left rail.
  • B. Create a new data range within the left rail.
  • C. Create new dimension within the left rail.
  • D. Select a time range using the calendar function embedded in each panel

Answer: C

Various reports show None Unspecified other, or unknow depending on the specific report viewed, generally, this breakdown means that the variable was not defined or otherwise unavailable.
Which statements explains the possible behavior of the data?

  • A. Similar to events firing eVars, It is possible to see ‘’OTHER’’ in a merchandising eVar report when that variable is not defined before a success event.
  • B. Similarly to non-mobile hits in mobile reports, mobile hits in all Visitor profile| technology report when that variable is not defined before a success event.
  • C. When viewing classification data any value that does not have data associated with that particular returns ‘’NONE’’. To resolve this issue create a classification export file and classify the appropriate columns.
  • D. This happens when a user comes to your site for the first and males a purchase without firing eVar1. If you view order in the eVar1 report, there is no value to attribute this order to, so it will appear as NONE:

Answer: B

Traffic from a social media campaign on facebook.com was tracked in Adobe Analytics with the use of the tracking code paramter.
Some settings of the used report suite are presented below.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Based solely on he provided information, which two situations may be possible when breaking down this campaign traffic by marketing Channels? (choose two.)

  • A. All the visits are from Organic Search.
  • B. All visits are from Direct Traffic.
  • C. Some of the visits are from Display and others are from Direct traffic.
  • D. Some visits are from Social Media, other are from Display, and the rest are from Natural search.
  • E. Some of the visits are from Social Media and other are from Direct traffic.

Answer: AC

In the Solution Design Reference (SDR) document, variable ‘’Category’’ is assigned as ‘’prop2’’ and is set on a product page with value ‘’Shoes’’, it us then set in this sequence.
snooping Cart’’ in the View cart page Order summary on the order summary page
Order Completion on the Order Completion page where the Purchase Event is set.
If we count the number of order per category in a report, which value receives the order when one visitor completes a purchase from that products page?

  • A. Order Completion
  • B. Confirmation
  • C. Shopping Cart
  • D. Shoes

Answer: B

An analyst wants to create a Freeform Table In Adobe Analyst Workspace that shows the top week, based on number of visitors and the number of page loads.
Which three default components should be used? (Choose three.)

  • A. Day of Week
  • B. Visit
  • C. Exits
  • D. Week
  • E. Page Views
  • F. Unique Visitors

Answer: BEF

How would the analyst create a segment for a new visitor’?

  • A. Use a segment container of “visitor”, where visit number is less than 1
  • B. Use a segment container of “hit”, where visit number is less than 1
  • C. Use a segment container of “visitor”, where visit number = 1
  • D. Use a segment container of “hit”, where visit number = 1

Answer: C

An administrator wants to share a segment with all users in the organization. What are two best practices for sharing the segments with all users? (Choose two.)

  • A. Tagging the segment
  • B. Making and sharing a copy of the segment
  • C. Approving the segment
  • D. Sharing the segment with the Experience Cloud
  • E. Sharing the segment with all groups separately

Answer: BC


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