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While looking at the S-TAP Status report on a Collector, a Guardium administrator notices that the status of the S-TAPs is changing every few minutes. The administrator suspects that the sniffer is restarting every few minutes and that is why the status change is happening.
How can the Guardium administrator confirm if the sniffer is restarting every few minutes?

  • A. Review the Audit Process Log for 'Sniffer stopped' message.
  • B. Review the Aggregation/Archive Log for 'Sniffer is restarting message.
  • C. Review the Scheduled Jobs Exceptions for 'Sniffer process failed' message.
  • D. Review the Buff Usage Monitor for the column TID to see if it changed every few minutes.

Answer: D

AGuardium administrator is checking the scheduled jobs exceptions report on a standalone Collector The following error is repeating every l5 minutes.
java.lang.NumberFormatException: empty String
The administrator also notices that the anomaly detection polling interval is l5 minutes. What should the administrator do next to contribute troubleshooting the problem?

  • A. Pause all scheduled jobs and check if the exception comes back.
  • B. identify the alert that is causing the problem by deactivating one alert at a time.
  • C. Check in the alert builder to see which alerts have accumulation interval of l5 minutes.
  • D. in the CLI run support must_gather aggjssues and send the file to IBM support.

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator needs to build new appliances with the latest version of Guardium. How should the administrator obtain the ISO image?

  • A. Contact IBM Support.
  • B. Download from
  • C. Download from IBM Fix Central.
  • D. Download from IBM Passport Advantage.

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator manages portal user synchronization by using a Central Manager.
When a change is made on the Central Manager such as, for example, adding a Guardium user to a Guardium group, how long should be allowed for the update to be synced with the managed units in a fully working environment?

  • A. 0 minutes
  • B. l5 minutes
  • C. 30 minutes
  • D. 60 minutes

Answer: D

During the initial phase of the Guardium deployment, the Guardium administrator wants to figure out an ideal time period to purge data from the appliance based on the data load.
Which predefined Guardium report(s) allows the administrator to determine the current database disk usage of the Guardium Appliance?

  • A. Disk UtiI report
  • B. Aggregation/Archive log
  • C. DB Server throughput report
  • D. Buff Usage Monitor and System Monitor reports

Answer: D

Auditors request a report of all unsuccessful login attempts to a database monitored by Guardium. How should a Guardium administrator create such a report?

  • A. Add a failed login rule to the policy.
  • B. Create a failed login query and report using access domain in Guardium.
  • C. Create a failed login query and report using exceptions domain in Guardium.
  • D. Create a failed login query and report using application data domain in Guardium.

Answer: C

During a Guardium deployment planning meeting, a database administrator indicated that the mission critical databases were clustered. How should the Guardium administrator handle S-TAP installation and configuration with respect to clustered databases?

  • A. Install S-TAP agents on all active node
  • B. Set ALL_CAN_CONTROL=l to failover the S-TAP process to the passive nodes when a database failover occurs.
  • C. install S-TAP agents on all active nodes Set WAIT_FOR_DB_EXEC=-l to set the agent process to failover to the passive node when a database failover occurs.
  • D. Install S-TAP agents on all active and passive node
  • E. Set ALL_CAN_CONTROL=0 to disable all passive nodes until a database failover occurs.
  • F. Install S-TAP agents on all active and passive nodes: Set WAIT_FOR_DB_EXEC>0 on all nodes to start S-TAP processes without waiting for a correct DB home.

Answer: A

A company wants to deploy S-TAPs for 2 groups of database servers located in 2 different data centers. The current set of Collectors are fully utilized. The Aggregators and Central Manager can handle more load.
What should a Guardium administrator recommend?

  • A. Deploy 2 new Collectors, l in each data center.
  • B. Connect S-TAPs directly to Aggregators to avoid network latency.
  • C. Connect S-TAPs directly to the Central Manager to avoid network latency.
  • D. Deploy 2 new Collectors in the third data center located in between the 2 data centers.

Answer: A

A Guardium administrator needs to use both CLI and GrdAPI functions to manage the system.
Which are the two commands that the administrator can use to search for the required commands and their syntax from within either CLI or GrdAPI?

  • A. CLI: commands <search option> GrdApi: grdapi <search option> --help
  • B. CLI: help <search option> GrdApi: grdapi --help <search option>
  • C. CLI: commands <search option> GrdAPI: grdapi command <search option>
  • D. CLI: <search option> -help GrdApi: grdapi <search option> -help=true

Answer: D

Which port must be open for encrypted communication between UNIX S-TAP and Collector?

  • A. 9500
  • B. l60l6
  • C. l60l7
  • D. l60l8

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator is preparing commands to install or upgrade an S-TAP using the command line method. Which operating system can use the ktap_allow_module_combos parameter for the installation and upgrade?

  • A. AIX
  • B. Linux
  • C. Solaris
  • D. HP-UX

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator plans to use the Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) to install and upgrade agents. Where should the administrator manually install the GIM client for the first time?

  • A. Collector
  • B. Aggregator
  • C. Database server
  • D. Central Manager

Answer: C

A Guardium administrator manages an environment containing four standalone Collectors. The administrator has been asked to provide a weekly report showing all Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL statements performed by all database administrators on all databases. The administrator does not want to run the report on each Collector. What should the administrator do to simplify this task and run the report in only one place every week?

  • A. Replace the 4 Collectors with one Aggregator.
  • B. Create an Enterprise Report on one Collector combining the data.
  • C. Add a Guardium Aggregator to the environmen
  • D. Create and run the report on the Aggregator.
  • E. install a Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on each Database Serve
  • F. Configure the CAS Client to send data to a Collecto
  • G. Create and run the report on the Collector.

Answer: C

An administrator has a new standalone Guardium appliance that will be placed into production next week. The appliance will monitor traffic from a number of databases with a high volume of traffic. The administrator needs to configure the schedule to ensure the appliance internal database does not get full with incoming data.
Which data management function does the administrator need to configure?

  • A. Purge
  • B. Data Export
  • C. Data Restore
  • D. System Backup

Answer: A

A Guardium administrator is using the Classification, Entitlement and Vulnerability assessment features of the product. Which of the following are correct with regards to these features? (Select two.)

  • A. Vulnerability Assessment reports are populated to the Guardium appliance via S-TAP.
  • B. Classification for databases and files use the same mechanisms and patterns to search for sensitive data.
  • C. Entitlement reports are predefined database privilege reports and are populated to the Guardium appliance via S-TAP.
  • D. Vulnerability Assessment identifies and helps correct security vulnerabilities and threats in the database infrastructures.
  • E. The classification feature discovers sensitive assets including credit card numbers or national card numbers from various data sources.

Answer: DE

A Guardium administrator has an issue with Guardium. The administrator has not seen this particular issue before and needs to get it fixed. To get this resolved, what should the administrator do?

  • A. Log a PMR and request an answer from IBM Support.
  • B. Log a PMR so IBM Support can contact the custome
  • C. Then, while waiting, do a search of the Guardium Knowledge Center and Technotes for known issues and resolutions.
  • D. Request IBM Support to initiate a remote session and collect what they need to resolve the issue.
  • E. Search Guardium Knowledge Center and Technotes for known issues and resolution
  • F. Then, if still needed, collect must_gather information and full problem details required for a new PMR so that IBM Support can review the Problem before contacting the customer.

Answer: D

After a successful purge, a Guardium administrator observes that the full percentage of the Guardium internal database is not decreasing. The administrator uses support show db-top-tables all and finds the size of the largest tables has decreased significantly.
What should the administrator do?

  • A. Increase the retention period and rerun the purge.
  • B. Rebuild the appliance and restore from the backup.
  • C. Login to CLI and execute stop inspection-core.
  • D. Optimize the internal TURBINE database using diag CLI command.

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator needs to monitor changes to the Oracle configuration file on a production Oracle database server. Assuming all valid licenses are applied, which Guardium component does the administrator need to install and where?

  • A. Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) on the Database Server
  • B. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Database Server.
  • C. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Guardium Collector.
  • D. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Database Server and on the Guardium Collector.

Answer: D

Which use cases are covered with the File Activity Monitoring feature? (Select two.)

  • A. Classify sensitive files on mainframe systems.
  • B. Encrypts database data files on file systems based on policies.
  • C. Selectively redacts sensitive data patterns in files based on policies.
  • D. Provides audit trail of access to files, alert and/or block when unauthorized users or processes attempt access.
  • E. Identifies files containing Personally Identifiable Information (Pll) or proprietary confidential information on Linux Unix Windows (LUW) systems.

Answer: AE

An infrastructure manager is presented with a few new servers that are available to deploy as a Guardium Collector appliance as part of Guardium project expansion. The Guardium administrator is asked which server option is best for a Guardium Collector.
Which server option can the Guardium administrator use for the new Collector?

  • A. ja64 Intel Processor with quad-core CPU, 32GB memory, 4 NICs, 2TB disk
  • B. x86_64 Intel Processor with 8-core CPU, 32GB memory, 2 NICs, l TB disk
  • C. x86_64 Intel Processor with dual-core CPU, 24GB memory, and 2 NICs, and 200GB disk
  • D. Iinuxppc64 Power Processor with 8-core CPU, 24GB memory, and 4 NICs, and 4TB disk

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator installed the BUNDLE-STAP module and is monitoring the state of the install. Which state requires a database server reboot to complete the installation process?

  • A. Ip
  • B. IP-PR

Answer: B

An administrator previously had an issue with a Guardium system. This was resolved with the assistance from the IBM Guardium support team, who provided the shell script, a CLI command and the encrypted key to execute the uploaded shell script.
Which CLI command should the administrator use to review the commands that were previously run?

  • A. fjieserver
  • B. support execute showlog
  • C. show log external state
  • D. support must_gather system_db_info

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator has rebuilt an appliance, and wants nowto restore a backup image of the entire database, audit data, and all definitions from Data backup.Which CLI command should the administrator use to accomplish this?

  • A. restore config
  • B. restore system
  • C. restore pre-patch-backup
  • D. restore certificate sniffer backup

Answer: B

AGuardium administrator must configure a policy to ignore all traffic from an application with a known client IP. Due to the high amount of traffic from this application, performance of the S-TAP and sniffer is a concern.
What action should the administrator use in the rule?

  • A. Ignore Session
  • B. ignore S-TAP Session
  • C. ignore SQL per Session
  • D. ignore Responses per Session

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator needs to configure EMC Centera for Archive and/or Backup.
In addition to the server IP address, what else is required to establish connection with an EMC Centera on the network?

  • A. ciipID
  • B. PEA file
  • C. Shared secret
  • D. Certificate signed request (CSR)

Answer: B


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