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2017 Apr ITILFND pdf exam

Q61. Which one of the following is NOT a valid purpose or objective of problem management? 

A. To prevent problems and resultant incidents 

B. To manage problems throughout their lifecycle 

C. To restore service to a user 

D. To eliminate recurring incidents 


Q62. Which of the following statement about the service owner is INCORRECT? 

A. Carries out the day-to-day monitoring and operation of the service they own 

B. Contributes to continual improvement affecting the service they own 

C. Is a stakeholder in all of the IT processes which support the service they own 

D. Is accountable for a specific service within an organization 


Q63. The definitive media library is the responsibility of: 

A. Facilities management 

B. Access management 

C. Request fulfillment 

D. Service asset and configuration management 


Q64. Which one of the following would NOT involve event management? 

A. Intrusion detection 

B. Recording and monitoring environmental conditions in the data centre 

C. Recording service desk staff absence 

D. Monitoring the status of configuration items 


Q65. Which one of the following activities are carried out during the "Where do we want to be?" step of the continual service improvement (CSI) approach? 

A. Implementing service and process improvements 

B. Reviewing measurements and metrics 

C. Creating a baseline 

D. Defining measurable targets 


Improve ITILFND exam guide:

Q66. Which of the following availability management activities is/are considered to be proactive as opposed to reactive? 

1. Monitoring system availability 

2. Designing availability into a proposed solution 

A. None of the above 

B. Both of the above 

C. 1 only 

D. 2 only 


Q67. Check, Act and Plan are three of the stages of the Deming Cycle. Which is the fourth? 

A. Do 

B. Perform 

C. Implement 

D. Measure 


Q68. What are customers of an IT service provider who purchase services in terms of a legally binding contract known as? 

A. Strategic customers 

B. External customers 

C. Valued customers 

D. Internal customers 


Q69. Which process is responsible for eliminating recurring incidents and minimizing the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented? 

A. Service level management 

B. Problem management 

C. Change management 

D. Event management 


Q70. Which of the following activities are performed by a desk? 

1. Logging details of incidents and service requests 

2. Providing first-line investigation and diagnosis 

3. Restoring service 

4. Implementing all standard changes 

A. All of the above 

B. 1, 2 and 3 only 

C. 2 and 4 only 

D. 3 and 4 only