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Q31. A sales rep can create a quote from:

A. An Account and its Opportunities

B. An Opportunity and its Products

C. A Product and its PriceBook

D. A Contact and its Assets

Answer: B

Q32. Which statements about the Salesforce Classic Mobile application are true? (Select all that apply)

A. It is a server application

B. It provides mobile access to data, tasks, and calendar

C. It works only when a smartphone is connected to a wireless network

D. It downloadsrelevant data for standard Salesforce objects and custom objects

Answer: BD


As administrator you want to ensure that only certain users can modify a specified field. What is the best way to do this?

Answer: Use field level security and make the field read only (or hidden) foryour selected user or group of users.


Saving a custom report will save a snapshot of that data at a moment in time. True or False?

Answer: False. When saving a custom report you

Q35. How can a sales organization address the "lag time" challenge?

A. By offering higher incentives to sales reps

B. By improving alignment with the marketing organization

C. By optimizing lead assignment and scoring

D. By avoiding the use of leads

Answer: C

Q36. You have an Opportunity in the Value Proposition stage, for an amount of $1,000 that has a 50% Probability of closing. If all goes well,and this Opportunity closes, how much revenue will be realized?

A. $1,000 B. $500 C. $750

Answer: A


How would you enforce a lead to enter their phone number via web-to-lead?

Answer: Use Java Script on the web to lead form to enforce entry of this data.


Person accounts combine the functionality of accounts with the functionality of contacts. For example, you can:

Answer: Use contact fields and related lists on person account detail and edit pages Associate person accounts with tasks and events usingeither the Name or Related To fields

Send individual and mass emails to person accounts Invite person accounts to multi-person events

Add person accounts to campaigns Convert leads into person accounts

On cases, enter person accounts in the Account Namefield, the Contact Name field, or both

Add person accounts to the

Q39. Your org-wide defaults for access rights to Price Books are set to "Use", but only Sales Reps should have access to Price Books. What should be your first step?

A. Change the org-wide default setting to "No Access"

B. Change the org-wide default setting to "View Only"

C. Leave the org-wide default setting, but change the Sales Reps' access rights

D. Change the Sales Reps' access rights to "Use'

Answer: A

Q40. Which option best identifies with the Chatter Home Page?

A. Everyone can see what you post here. Displays posts from everyone you're following.

B. Everyone can see what you post here. Only displays posts directed to you.

C. Only users with access rights can view or post here.

Answer: A


Can you delete a content file that is associated with a content delivery?

Answer: No. You must delete the content delivery first. Deleting the contentdelivery will delete the content.


Sales Methodology means an industry recognized standard sales process?

Answer: False - Sales Methodology is what works for yourorganizationtools such as MillerHeismanleverage learning in this area.

Q43. What are some common security challenges? (Select all that apply)

A. Consultants have different beliefs about the optimal level of security for clients

B. Different industries require and follow different security models

C. Marketing and sales organizations differ on how they access contacts.

D. Salesforce users must have access to the right records and only see relevant data.

Answer: BCD

Q44. If you need to compare two values within one group and display unconnected points what type of chart would you use?

Answer: A Scatter chart.

Q45. Which best describes the Salesforce Automation feature "Opportunity Teams" ?

A. Ensures that we are tracking our progress towards the desired states.

B. Enforces the business process.

C. Identifies key stakeholders from the buy side.

D. Makes sure we recognize those involved in the sales process.

E. Allows to better automate the sales methodology.

F. Determines the sales stages of an organization.

Answer: D